Transtak Heavy Skeletal Container Trailers

Manufactured to engineered design specifications, Transtak’s Quad Axle Optimal Heavy Skeletal Trailers are designed to provide a long lasting & durable option for transport operators seeking a reliable long-term asset.

With our own unique design, fabricated using medium tensile steel, & manufactured to a high standard to provide a long lasting, reliable trailer that will meet all the demands of heavy container transport, Transtak’s Heavy Skeletal Trailers build on our reputation for build quality, longevity and quality of ride.

Specced with quality componentry and running gear, our heavy skeletal builds are designed specifically for the tractor unit you will be using to ensure optimal weight distribution across the whole combination, allowing you to carry close to maximum container weight, while still maintaining the benefits of durability & resilience gained with a medium tensile trailer design.

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Chassis: Transtak Trailer, Medium Tensile Fabricated Steel Chassis Designed To Optimise Container Loadings, Efficiency, And Durability.

Tare: 5900kg (approx.)

Capacity: 2 x 20 ft / 1 x 40ft / 1 x 20ft Heavy Containers 39000kg Trailer GVM, 48000kg Combination GVM

Wheels: Aluminium Polished 22.5’ Super Single Rims, 385/65-22.5

Axles: BPW or SAF Axles. EBS & Air Suspension / Rear Steer 4th axle. WABCO
air control system.

Brakes: BPW / SAF Intra-Disc Air System,

Lights: Hella LED rear & marker lights,
Professional loom with sealed connectors, 4 marker lights per side, all lights independently
connected to main loom with waterproof plugs.


– SAF Landing Legs:

– Strengthened Sidelifter Footpad Positions for 20’ & 40’ Loading

– WABCO & EBS systems covered with aluminium checker plate.

– Trailer kingpin covered with aluminium checker plate.

– Plastic mudguards securely mounted with aluminium connecting step for trailer access.

– Rear lighting bar & lashing points.

– Short Rear overhang to facilitate dock loading ramps

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