Painters Roof Ladders

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Transtak Roof Ladders are designed exclusively for working On roofs & roof painting:

Plain Ladders

  • Compliant with NZS Portable Metal Ladder Standards
  • 150kg Industrial Load Rated
  • 72 mm ladder sides with oval rungs
  • roof ladders sizes plus extensions to fit any roof
  • Foam Rubber strip fitted to underside of ladder contacting roof
  • Sizes: 2.1 metre-6.3 metre plus extensions as required.

RH100 Head  & Joiner Plates

  • Internal joiner plates with Tri-knob fasteners (code JP20)
  • RH100 swivel plate head with angle-lock & 25mm foam rubber pad(code RH100)
  • One RH100 head interchangeable with any length ladder

(Please note, these are separate items and must be ordered in addition to the ladder)


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1.8 metre, 2.1 metre, 2.4 metre, 2.7 metre, 3.0 metre, 3.3 metre, 3.6 metre, 3.9 metre, 4.2 metre, 4.5 metre, 4.8 metre, 5.1 metre, 5.7 metre, 6.3 metre, Joiner Plates (pair), RH100 head (with 100mm nylon wheels/25mm rubber pad)