Transtak Proload Trailers

Transtak’s ProLOAD Trailer – “A Revolution in Transport"

Why use a HIAB or wait 30 minutes for your trailer to be unloaded onsite? With self-loading & unloading capabilities, space for 2x1200x1200mm pallets or 2000kg worth of product, the ProLoad Trailer makes transporting & dropping off palletized goods simple, saving time and money.

Designed specifically for the transport of palletized goods and IBCs, the ProLoad Trailer is revolutionary in its space.

Following on from overwhelmingly successful concept trials and borrowing on 30+ years of design and manufacturing expertise in lifting and transporting fruit bins, and utilising many of the factors that make our Bin Trailers a success, Transtak has brought the ProLoad trailer to market.


ProLoad Specifications:

-Self-Loading & Unloading Capability

– 2000kg Capacity

– Load area 1300x2500mm

– TRANSTAK SecureLoc Load System 

– Locking tailgate to secure forks 

– Timbren heavy duty Axle-Less suspension 

– Rope rails, headboard & tailboard 

– HyGo Braked front axle 

– Hydraulic handpump for lift/lower 

– 195/50R13C Wheels & rolled steel mudguards 

– TRANSTAK Engineered & Registered Design

Pro-Load in Use

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