Forestry Ladders

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Manufactured at Transtak, our forestry ladders are a lightweight aluminium pruning ladder with a solid treadplate top.

Fully welded steps, with internally ribbed side extrusion guarantees strength and support for the rungs.

  • Vee-shaped top work platform, with side handles & safety chain for sizes 3.3m to 6.3m.
  • Ladder sides of internally ribbed & rounded RHS for ergonomic & structural strength.
  • Oval rungs with serrated grip tops
  • Sharp feet to grip into all terrain
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 Portable Metal Ladder Standards / F.I.T.E.C / Worksafe
  • Sizes ex stock:-1.2 metre—4.5 metre: longer sizes to order
  • Industrial Load Rated to 180kg to 3.6 metres / 150kg to 6.3 metres ; the strongest ladder in the industry.
  • Safety Chain & Side Handles required for sizes above 3.0 metres-Order Separately
  • All Ladder Sizes up to 3.0m have a plain top, Sizes 3.3m – 6.3m have Handles and Chains, please enquire for custom specs.


New Zealand-Ullrich Aluminium Co Ltd

Terrain Industries

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Forestry Planters Donkey Pack, 1.2 metre, 1.5 metre, 1.8 metre, 2.1 metre, 2.4 metre, 2.7 metre, 3.0 metre, 3.3 metre, 3.6 metre, 3.9 metre, 4.2 metre, 4.5 metre, 4.8 metre, 5.1 metre, 5.4 metre, 5.7 metre, 6.0 metre, 6.3 metre, Ladder Vee Top (plain), Ladder Vee Top (Handles & Safety chain – extra cost), Ladder Lift with safety chain, Ladder Lift without safety chain, 1.0 metre lift, 1.25 metre lift, Forestry Planters Frame