Transtak Transport Trailers

Transtak Tri-Box Empty Container Units

Manufactured to engineered design specifications, Transtak’s Tri Box Stinger Truck and Trailer units are designed specifically for transporting empty containers, working under 22000kg Unit GVM.
With our own unique design, manufactured to high standards to provide a long lasting, reliable transport unit that will meet all the demands of empty container transport. Transtak’s Tri Box units have gained a great reputation for build quality, longevity and quality of ride.
Through competitive pricing, and short lead times, Transtak can provide the whole Truck and Trailer stinger unit as a Turnkey Build, or build on a suitable Truck supplied by the customer.
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Trucks Available:

Transtak has engineered designs to suit:

Hino, IVECO, UD, Isuzu

Truck Build Includes:

  • Wheelbase extension (where required)
  • Stinger unit bolted to chassis, covered with aluminium treadplate, & 5th wheel added.
  • Registered at 12000kg GVM (5410kg Cargo Capacity)
  • Container Frame with RHS Headboard
  • Standard twist lock placement for transport of 1 x 20′ container

Transtak Semi-Trailer Unit

  • Manufactured to design specifications,
  • 9950kg GVM with 6610kg load capacity
  • Aluminum wheels fitted as standard
  • EBS Braking system to prevent skidding and excess tyre wear
  • LED Side & Tail Lights
  • Twist locks fitted to suit transport of 2 x 20′ or 1 x 40′ Containers
  • SAF or Hendrickson Axles
  • Landing Legs
  • Alumium Treadplate protective cover of EBS & Wabco Units

Other Specifications as requested, please enquire

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