Transtak 750ATV Bin Trailer

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The Transtak® 750ATV bin trailer has a load capacity of 800kg; or two bins of fruit or produce.

  • Electro-hydraulic 12V powerpack with control pendant to lift & lower.
  • Soft-Ride Hydraulic accumulator suspension & lower speed control.
  • Forks load area 2400mm x 1250mm/OA width 1800mm – 1900mm.
  • 13” x 5 stud / ATV 8” x 4 stud wheels with full mudguards & bin guides.
  • Bolted drawbar height & Fork angle adjustment: 50mm coupling.
  • Bins/Day capacity : approx 50 – 100.


-12V: 800Watt trailer mounted power pack with pendant control.(4 wheelers)

-12V: 1600Watt ATV mounted portable power pack with pendant control(Side x Side ATV)

-22x11x8 ATV wheels: 1900mm O/A width;  or  185/70R13” galv spoke wheels: 1800mm O/A width.

-1000kg load capacity model for small tractor or with 1600 watt portable powerpack.