Transtak 3500NS Fruit-Bin Carrier

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The Transtak® 3500NS Fruit-Bin Carrier has the capacity to load and transport 6 full plastic or wooden bins of fruit; 6 x 400 – 500kg bins.
The carrier may be towed by the tractor using a stepped Drawbar ; or front mounted to utilize the forklifting capability to stack plastic or wooden bins.

-Tapered tensile steel forks – 3650mm length for 1200mm
Square wooden bins / 1170mm square plastic mega-bins
-15” integral-hub forklift wheels
-Forks tilt forward & back in any position
-Forks Side-shift (80mm) to position plastic bins when stacking
-Transtak® Soft Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension
-Fibreglass mudguards and steel bin guides
-1.0 metre lift and stack capability
-Heavy Duty RHS transport chassis
-width over wheels – 1950mm
-Bins/Day Capacity 200-300

-Agricultural wheels with steel mudguards to tow behind tractor
-LED tail lights

Demonstration Video