TRANSTAK 3000LT Fruit Bin Trailer

Designed with a 0.5m lift, and load tilt, and built for carrying up to 3000kg of fruit per load, the Transtak 3000LT fruit bin trailer excels at transporting loads of 6 full bins from the orchard headlands to the Packhouse or unloading area.

Rear mounted with Transtak’s Soft-Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension setup the 3000LT ensures a fast and comfortable ride for the fruit. Capable of shifting more than 200 Bins per day, the 3000LT is best employed for the slightly longer runs, enabling the other tractors to spend more time in the blocks, looking after the pickers.

The Transtak 3000LT works efficiently when combined with the Transtak 1200 Stacking Fork, or a standard tractor forklift, which work within the rows, moving full bins to the headlands and stacking in blocks of 6 for transport away with the 3000LT.

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The Transtak 3000LT Bin Trailer carries either 3 x 1.0 tonne bins, or 6 x 0.5 tonne bins on the tapered tensile steel forks.

The trailer lifts to its full height of 0.5 metre, and lowers down to the ground to load bins. Hydraulic tilt of the forks allows loading on uneven ground and levelling of the load in any position.

  • Tapered tensile steel forks 3700mm length
  • Strong RHS chassis wheel frame & rolled steel mudguards.
  • Hydraulic lift & tilt of forks in any position.
  • Transtak Soft-Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension.
  • 10/75-15.3 18 ply floatation implement wheels
  • 0.5 metre lift height
  • 3000kg load capacity
  • Bins/Day Capacity approx. 200


– Frame width & fork length to suit bin size
– Narrow integral hub wheels & fibreglass mudguards
– LED stop/indicator tail lights