Transtak 2000 Fruit Bin Trailer

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Transtak® 2000 fruit-bin carrier. 3 bin capacity(2000 kg)

The transtak lifting mechanism raises the load through the level transport position to stack at 800 mm height.

Tractor front mounted for stacking bins and maneuverability.

  • High ground clearance-lift to 1.0 metre height
  • Tapered steel forks-3600 mm length x 1400 mm load space
  • 2000N(Narrow) model for 1200mm x 1200mm square bins
  • 2000W(Wide) model for 1600mm x 1100mm bins
  • Lift ram with lever mechanism
  • Narrow configuration – 15” wheels
  • Hydrafloat accumulator suspension for a smooth ride
  • Bins/Day capacity – 100-150

Demonstration Video