Transtak 1500LE Fruit Bin Trailer

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The Transtak 1500LE Fruit Bin Carrier Trailer has the capacity to carry 3-4 bins.(1900kg capacity)

Commonly used in the Kiwifruit Industry, the 1500LE Trailer can be used to carry 3 Full Bins when working on tight headlands and orchard blocks, and Extension Forks (1200mm length) may be fitted into the fork ends to carry 4 Full bins when conditions allow.

The load tilts back as it lifts to its full height; and lowers level to the ground to load bins.

  • Tapered tensile steel forks:3600mm length with 1200mm plug-in extensions.
  • Bolted hitch height & fork angle adjustment.
  • Transtak® Soft-Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension.
  • Reverse Flow valve to control lower speed.
  • Carry 3 bins where headlands are tight / 4 bins elsewhere.
  • Floatation 10/75-15.3 12ply Ag wheels ;H/D 6 stud hubs & stubs.
  • Steel Rolled mudguards covered inside & fitted with deflector struts.
  • Bins/Day Capacity 100-150.
  • Bin Trailers


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