Transtak 1500L Fruit Bin Trailer

Widely used throughout the Horticultural Industry in New Zealand, working with Apples, Kiwifruit, Avocados, Cherries, Stone Fruit and more, Transtak’s 1500L Trailer is excellent at moving bins of fruit efficiently from the Orchard to the Packhouse, shifting over 100 bins/day.

Front or rear mounted, the 1500L Trailer can transport from within rows direct to the unloading area, or be used in combination with Transtak’s 500BF Tractor Forks, which cart from within rows to headlands, leaving the 1500L to transport 3 full bins at a time from headlands and return with empty bins. This frees up tractors to spend more time in the orchard looking after the picking teams.

The 1500L also works well with the Transtak 3500 Trailer, carting bins from rows to headlands, to be stacked and moved away with the Transtak 3500 in lots of 6 full bins. Using these trailers together ensures a constant flow of empty and full bins meaning fruit is shifted much faster and more efficiently.

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Transtak’s 1500L low lift fruit bin carrier trailer has the following features:

  • 3 bin capacity(1500 kg).
  • The load tilts back as it lifts to its full height, and lowers level with the ground to load bins.
  • Tapered tensile steel forks-3600 mm length x 1300 mm width load space.
  • Ground clearance at full lift-350 mm.
  • Bolted hitch height & fork angle adjustment.
  • 225/70R15 – 235mm wide trailer wheels / 50sq hubs & stubs.
  • Steel Rolled mudguards covered inside & fitted with deflector struts.
  • Bins/Day capacity : approx.- 100.

Transtak® Soft-Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension ensuring a soft ride for the fruit and reducing the risk of damage.

Pip-Fruit Option (Intensively Planted Apples):

  • Tandem small-wheel axle-set and Narrow Trailer for use in 3.5m wide rows


Demonstration Video