Transtak 1000ATV Bin Trailer

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Transtak’s 1000kg / 2 Bin Capacity ATV Bin Trailer is the big brother of the 750ATV

These trailers have been increasingly popular in the Avocado industry, and on smaller Kiwifruit & Cherry Orchards.

Easy to use, and quick to attach to any large ATV or small Tractor, these ATV Trailers work hard, greatly increasing fruit transport efficiency.


Designed to be used to carry two full bins of produce, such as Kiwifruit or Avocados, and operated behind a small tractor or a Side By Side, with a Hydraulic Powerpack

  • Electro-hydraulic 12V powerpack with control pendant to lift & lower.
  • Soft-Ride Hydraulic accumulator suspension & lower speed control.
  • Forks load area 2400mm x 1250mm/OA width 1800mm – 1900mm.
  • 13” x 5 stud wheels with full mudguards & bin guides.
  • Bolted drawbar height & Fork angle adjustment: 50mm coupling.
  • Bins/Day capacity : approx 50 – 100.

Check out Transtak’s 750 ATV Trailer below for more information, & video footage of these in action.

Transtak® 750ATV bin trailer | Transtak Ltd

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