Property Care / Arborist Ladders

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Tripod ladder with adjustable legs, top platform with Safety handles and tree bracket ; for use on steeper sloping or flat ground.

  • High Tensile aluminium construction
  • Hinged back leg with nylon bearings:- 600mm(+-300mm) poppet adjustment at 100mm settings.
  • Side legs 300mm poppet adjustment at 100mm settings.
  • 180kg Load rated for using power trimmers etc.
  • serrated steps with wide top step & side handles.
  • Tree bracket fitted to top
  • adjustable chain on back leg
  • compliant AS/NZ ladder standards.

Option:- Flat rubber leg set (Rubber foot: 60mmx60mm) – $152.96

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10ft, 11ft, 12ft

Leg set

Standard Spiked Foot (Included – No extra charge), Rubber foot: 60mmx60mm $152