Painters Roof Extension Ladders

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4.0—7.0m Extension Ladders 

Roof Extension Ladders designed exclusively for Roof Work & Roof Painting, 4m closed length, to 7m extended length

Compliant with NZS Portable Ladder Standards

  • 150kg Industrial Load Rated
  • Slider extension parallel with roof surface
  • Extend & lock to any roof length while painting

RLD200 Ladder Dolly – To facilitate sideways movement of the ladder across the roof, recommended 2 per ladder.

RH220 Wheeled Head – (Please note, this is a separate item and must be ordered in addition to the ladder)

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3.0m -5.0 m, 4.0m – 7.0m, 5.0m – 8.0 m, RHC250 combo head, RLD200 dolly, RH220 Wheeled Head & caster