Transtak 3500N Fruit Bin Trailer

Popular throughout the Horticultural industry, the Transtak 3500N Stacking Trailer has a 3500kg/6 Bin load capacity, and will lift to 1.0m to stack bins, allowing the transport of 6 full bins at a time.

Fast and efficient, safely transporting over 300 bins per day, the 6 bin capacity reduces tractor movements to and from the orchard blocks.

The Transtak 3500N operates in Kiwifruit alongside the Transtak 1500L Trailer moving bins within the rows, allowing the Transtak 3500N to stack and transport 6 full bins back to the unloading area and return with up to 12 empties.

The low profile and stacking ability of the 3500N facilitates use within kiwifruit rows, where it can lift and stack under the vines, transporting 6 full bins away at a time.

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The forklifting Transtak 3500N Fruit-Bin carrier has the capacity to load & transport six full bins of fruit. 6 x 550kg bins (3500kg capacity)

The machine may be trailed on the rear of the tractor; or front mounted to utilize the forklifting capability to stack bins.

  • Tapered tensile steel forks – 3700mm length for 1200mm sq wooden bins
  • Wide 3500W model available for (5ft x 4ft)1600mm x 1100mm bins
  • 10/75R15.3 14 Ply AG Wheels with rolled steel muduards/bin guides
  • 1.0 metre lift & stack capability
  • Transtak Soft-Ride rubber & hydra-pneumatic suspension
  • Heavy Duty RHS transport chassis
  • Width over wheels of 1850mm
  • Bins/Day Capacity 300+


– LED tail light kit

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