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Hercules C Platform

Modern Platform with up to date technologies , to give maximum performance

In harvesting, pruning, and any other type of work to do in the orchard.

-Picking load capacity 2300kgs:- 3 bins on the platform plus 4 – 6 pickers / driver.

-Max platform lift height 2550mm:- platform length 4.3 metres.

-Platform width 1.6 metres with 0.5m hydraulic opening each side to 2.6 metres.

-Front & rear bin elevators

-Two Speed hydostatic driveline ;- 0 -7 km/h : 0 – 15 km/h high gear.

-Steering : 3 modes of steering -2 wheel steering with automatic alignment of back wheels(high gear)

– 4 wheel steering

-4 wheel crab steering

-Engine Kubota 4 cyl turbo diesel – 45hp with 75 litre diesel tank.


-Automatic steering with mechanical sensing arm.

-Cruise control additional to auto-steer

-Air compressor unit  with 4 central outlets

-Tilt left & right ; manual or Auto to 6 degrees.


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