Transtak BAB Bin Transporter 12 Bin capacity

The Transtak BAB Bin Transporter is the answer to carrying large volumes of fruit.

The transporter has been designed to carry 7 tonnes / 12 full bins of produce safely and effectively giving a soft ride and full support of the underside of the bins.

In the orchard the transporter can be hydraulically adjusted to almost any angle to self load stacked bins with speed and accuracy. Comes as standard with manual hydraulic controls, full road lighting including flashing beacon, bulkhead and full hydraulic brakes.

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Transtak BAB Bin Transporter

Designed to transport 12 full bins (7000kg) from Orchard Blocks to the packhouse or loading area, reducing truck & forklift movements, and increasing bin shifting efficiency, the Transtak BAB Bin Transporter is the ultimate in shifting large amounts of fruit quickly and safely.

The Bin Transporter reduces or removes the need for loadout areas within the orchard by allowing tractor forklifts to stack lots of 12 bins on headlands, close to where they are working. This improves efficiency of movements within the block, as well as reducing the chance of any fruit damage caused by bins bouncing on forks for distances back to a traditional load out area.


-7000kgs load capacity – 12 bins

-Load area 5100mm length  x 1300mm wide

-Tandem oscillating axles : 11.5/80-15.3 14ply wheels

-Braked axles, operated from brake valve on tractor

-Road tail stop indicator lights

-Hydraulic lift to transport height & independent load levelling for uneven terrain

-High tensile load forks with hydraulic tailgate


-Hydraulic Side Clamps for locking bins in place

-Heavy Duty 4x 245/70 R175 Wheels