3PTL Tractor Tow Hitch

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Designed for use with Transtak’s Bin Trailer Range, the 3PTL Tractor Tow Hitch is a strong, low profile option designed to give additional maneuverability and height adjustment when towing a Transtak Bin Trailer.

Provides tilt & height adjustment for the Bin Trailer by using the 3-Point-Linkage on the towing tractor

Commonly used in Kiwifruit picking where space is tight, and the extra maneuverability provided by this Tow Hitch allows access to rows from tight headlands and hilly areas.


  • Double Clevis Cat-2 Tow Hitch
  • Low Profile Design, to minimise overall length.
  • 5 Ton Tow Rating
  • 2 Ton Vertical Load Rating
  • Designed for use with the Transtak Bin Trailer range,
  • 25mm (1 Inch) Hitch Pin
  • Towball can be fitted for towing with a standard trailer coupling